The Best iPad Protection System. Accidental Damage Repair Included.

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About Us

Rug-Ed Products supplies an all inclusive iPad protection program for K-12 and Enterprise deployments through a three faceted offering:

  1. Physical Device Protection in the form of the iRug-Ed case
  2. No Deductible Device Repair
  3. Asset tracking and management software

Core Values

Physical Device Protection

  1. iRug-Ed case made in USA
  2. Tamper-proof locking
  3. Superior drop protection
  4. Ergonomic design

No Deductible Device Repair

If an iPad is broken while in the iRuged case, the repair of that iPad is covered for up to 3 years with no deducible.

Asset Management Software

Our application collects many important data points necessary for asset reporting and administration; it has all the functionality needed to manage the largest of deployments

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